Download the BLOCKBUSTER! Demo

For the past few years, I've been working on a GM-less, rules-lite tabletop RPG about actors fighting to be the star of a movie they're making up as they go. Playtesters have been having fun with it, and have asked for a version they can bring home to play with their friends. So I've managed to put together a demo version and am releasing it! You can download the PDF here . BLOCKBUSTER! can be played by 3-6 people, ages 8 and up. Playing a single act film takes about 2 hours while a three act film can take up to four. I hope to release a full commercial version in the future that fleshes out the rules further, provides more examples, and possibly a deck of studio notes so players don't have to take time coming up with a deck of their own (though I wouldn't let go of player-made studio notes. Those are just too good). Inspiration for the game came from listening to movie podcasts, particularly How Did This Get Made? , which examines bad, and otherwis